Sensorial Analysis Specialist Eric Verdier Explains How to Analyze Olive Oils

Posted on October 8, 2011

The Wall Street Journal did a very interesting interview with Eric Verdier, a Sensorial Analysis Specialist for O & Co., which produces more than 40 different olive oils. Eric, who is French, has the responsibility of visiting the farms and inspecting the olives to determine when they should be harvested. He also tastes the oils to ensure quality and to categorize them. He says a sensory analyst has a job similar to a taster for a vineyard. He says he tests the visual, olfactory and taste elements of each olive oil. He analyzes the wine like you would taste a wine, using a wine glass. It's fascinating to watch him work. He says more delicate oils are better for fish. A Tuscan robust oil is better for beef. He says you can tell an olive oil is too old because it will taste like stale nuts. Take a look: