Serena Williams Gets Into Dispute With Chair Umpire, Loses U.S. Open to Samantha Stosur

Posted on September 11, 2011

Serena Williams had a very bad day at the U.S. Open. She got into a dispute with the line umpire, and went on to lose the final to Australian player Samantha Stosur. Serena had cracked her racket and lost twelve points in a row, when she hit a strong forehand to Stosur. Before Stosur got a chance to hit the ball, Serena yelled "Come on!" That is a major violation of the intentional hindrance rule. It's similar to an unsportsmanlike conduct call.

The chair umpire Eva Asderaki gave the point to Stosur, but Serena argued with her. Apparently Serena mistakenly thought Eva was the same umpire who ruled against her in 2009, Louise Engzell. The two umpires wear similar pony tails and speak with accents. The crowd was with Serena and thought the ruling was unfair. It wasn't like a full-on John McEnroe moment, or anything, but Serena has gotten into disputes with umpires before and that doesn't help her.

Sosur herself said she didn't think Serena was intentionally trying to hinder her play. But that was the call, and Serena went on to lose the U.S. Open. She seemed a bit rattled, and was not playing her best.

ESPN's Prim Siripipat and Brad Gilbert discuss Serena's very bad day at Flushing Meadows. Take a look:

You can see the point in question, and Serena's dispute with the chair umpire here.