Shakira Gets Intimate With Rafael Nadal in Gypsy Music Video

Posted on February 26, 2010

Shakira Gypsy single cover art

Shakira plays the role of a gypsy in the music video for her latest single from her She Wolf album. Shakira gets intimate with shirtless tennis star Rafael Nadal in the video directed by Jaume de Laiguana.

Nadal is a longtime friend of Shakira's, which is why she chose him for the steamy video. Shakira told MTV, "I thought that maybe I needed someone I could in some way identify with. And Rafael Nadal is a person who has been totally committed to his career since he was very young, since he was 17, I believe."

Shakira warns she might "steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me," which is kind of hilarious. Shakira also plays the harmonica. The catchy song, "Gypsy," is likely to be another hit for Shakira. Take a look:

Photo: Sony Music