ShopperTrak Ranks Biggest Shopping Days of 2009

Posted on December 30, 2009

ShopperTrak is reporting that retail sales climbed 8.8 percent for the week ending December 26 compared to the same period last year. December 26th - the day after Christmas - became the second biggest shopping day of the year. This is not suprising because there were some great deals on the 26th. The biggest shopping day was Black Friday. Here is a list of the top shopping days in 2009.
  1. Black Friday (Nov. 27)
  2. Dec. 26 (Saturday)
  3. Super Saturday (Dec. 19)
  4. Dec. 23 (Wednesday)
  5. Dec. 12 (Saturday)
  6. Dec. 22 (Tuesday)
  7. Dec. 21 (Monday)

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