Singer Miranda Lambert Covers June 2014 Issue of Women's Health Magazine

Posted on May 17, 2014

Miranda Lambert covers June 2014 issue of Women's Health magazine

Singer Miranda Lambert covers the June 2014 issue of Women's Health Magazine. The magazine calls Miranda "slim & happy" and the cover story reveals "how a girl who loves beer and burgers dropped 20 pounds." In the interview, Miranda says it is tough to lose weight once you have gained it. She also reveals that Cheetos are her guilty pleasure. Miranda also says her latest hobby is horse riding.

On Weight Loss and Staying Focused: "It's really easy to gain weight and it's really hard to lose weight, so just staying focused, and through the holidays not getting off track, you know, I had to really stay focused. If I ate bad in the morning, I tried to do better at night, or vice versa. Just not blowing it all day long, ever day."

On Cheetos: "My guilty pleasure is, well, some people would say it could be music or whatever, but mine is definitely food, and it's mostly Cheetos."

On Horse Riding: "When I'm home I love to, I just started taking English riding lessons, and so that kind of my new hobby, and doing something for myself. It's way different than anything in music. It sort of keeps me focused. And it lets me clear my mind and so something positive and physical and a hard workout and I really enjoy that."

The June issue of Women's Health arrives on newsstands next week.

Photo: Women's Health