SNL Skit: Stefon Leaves the Show to Marry Anderson Cooper, Leaving Seth Meyers in a Panic

Posted on May 19, 2013

Stefon leaves the show on SNL

Bill Hader is leaving Saturday Night Live and what a sendoff he had. He did his last Stefon skit and it was amazing. Stefon began his segment on Weekend Update discussing New York's hottest clubs. This week the hottest club is "PANTS!" (shouted in an Al Pacino voice). When Seth Meyers told Stefon that his recommendations are not what they were looking for Stefon tells Seth that he never has respected him and that he is leaving to get married. A shocked Seth tries to continue the news, but chokes up realizing that he really does love Stefon after all.

Seth then reenacts the final scene from The Graduate, running out of the studio to the church where Stefon is marrying Anderson Cooper. Ben Affleck is there playing Stefon's brother. So are all the crazy characters Stefon has mentioned over the years: the human parking cones who are the groomsmen, Alf in a trench coat, a geisha, Menorah the Explorer, DJ Baby Bok Choy and many, many others. Seth bellows out "STEFON!!" and rushes to claim his bride. But Anderson Cooper puts up a fight, warning Seth he was going to meet Anderson Cooper 360 as he does a slow motion turn into a punch. But Seth punches back and escapes with his bride. It's hilarious. Bill Hader will be sorely missed. Take a look:

Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC