SNL Skit: What's Up With That Starring Kenan Thompson, Paul Simon, Chris Colfer and Lindsey Buckingham

Posted on May 15, 2011

Host DeAndre Cole (Kenan Thompson) welcomes Paul Simon, the California Raisins, Chris Colfer and the real Lindsey Buckingham on his popular BET show What's Up With That? We laugh and laugh every time Kenan does his thing, we just can't help it.

This episode featured the masters of music and songwriting. Paul began to talk about his new album, So Beautiful, So What, but stopped to ask DeAndre asked why brilliant songwriter Lindsey Buckingham (Bill Hader) never gets to talk on the show. The DeAndre said that everyone gets to talk on his show (which of course they do not, because DeAndre always chimes in with his singing before they can get a word in). This time "Captain Sexy Banjo" joined in. But what made it even better is that the real Lindsey Buckingham eventually showed up and did an awesome guitar solo. Alas, we never did get an explanation of why there are two Lindsey Buckinghams because DeAndre ran out of time. Take a look: