Sochi Disasters Mount: Hotels Aren't Ready and the Slopestyle Course is Too Dangerous

Posted on February 5, 2014

Journalists from around the world are arriving in Sochi, Russia and are horrified to find that their hotels lack running water, working doors and toilets that can actually flush toilet paper (they have signs telling guest to put all used toilet paper in nearby trash cans.) One reporter had no running water. She called the front desk who told her that the water would be back on soon, but not to use it as it contained dangerous things. She tweeted a photo of the yellow water that emerged, noting that she felt just like a Kardashian as she washed her face with Evian water. Cats and dogs wander in an out of unfinished hotels and man hole covers are left open on the sidewalks. Breakfast at one luxury hotel consisted of canned peas and packets of honey which, when opened, were found to contain a dead bee. Construction workers wander in and out of people's hotel rooms (those that have doors) and one hotel doesn't have a lobby yet. Guests must go to the owner's room and let him know they are checking in.

The athletic facilities are also a concern. The slopestyle course is so dangerous and poorly made that U.S. snowboarder Shaun White has withdrawn from the competition after jamming his hand during a practice run. He says it's too dangerous and he's focusing on the halfpipe. A Norwegian medal favorite broke his collarbone on the dangerous run and a female snowboarder hit her head. Athletes have been demanding changes to the course, but word is that it's still poorly made and totally inadequate for a world class competition. ABC reports: