Solar Floating Resort Concept Contains Underwater Observation Bulb

Posted on June 12, 2012

Solar Floating Resort Submerged Observation Bulb

The Solar Floating Resort (SFR) is a green luxury design concept by Italian designer Michele Puzzolante. The SFR is composed of a central tower, a deck with thirty-two modules and an habitation part with twenty modules. The modules are constructed using a composite balsa reinforced fiberglass. The outside skin of the SFR contains thin film photovoltaic panels that absorbs sunlight energy and drive twin propulsion systems. The inside skin uses thin film photovoltaic technology that absorbs artificial lighting energy generated by the electrical bulbs.

The SFR has two single bedrooms, two double bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, lounge area and pilot room. The most distinctive feature of the yacht is the submerged observation bulb (pictured above), which allows people to observe ocean life while relaxing in an underwater glass cabin. The first clip is from MPD designs and the second clip is an animation from NMA News. Take a look:

Image: MPD Designs
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