Some Governors Parking Their SUVs for Green Vehicles

Posted on October 11, 2005

Several Governors that are parking their SUVs to encourage conservation. Here are some Governors that have switched to cars with better gas mileage.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush is now driving a white Ford Escape hybrid. Bush told the AP, "It's kind of hard to be arguing to conserve gasoline when you're driving around in a Ford Expedition that guzzles it down at a 6- to 8-mile per gallon clip."

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson is also driving a Ford Escape hybrid. Richardson says, "You need to practice what you preach." Richardson said.

Maine Governor John Baldacci is driving a Chevrolet Impala. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack have not parked their SUVs but they have switched to SUVs that run on a blend of gas-ethanol called E85.

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