Some U.S. Schools Dropping Out Of Federal Lunch Program

Posted on August 28, 2013

Some U.S. schools are dropping out of the Federal Lunch Program. The new menus are healthier, but some children simply do not like the lunches and schools are losing money. One school reportedly lost $30,000 in the first few months because of the healthier menus. Some schools also report that a lot of food ends up in the trash. CBS News reports that this was the case at Carroll ISD, a North Texas school district, that is opting out of the program.

Some young athletes say the lunches do not have enough calories and leave them very hungry later in the day. Kids have been posting YouTube videos and songs about how hungry they are, such as this parody of Fun's "We Are Young" called "We Are Hungry."

Here is a report on the response to the new school menus from ABC News: