Son Creates Interesting Short Documentary About Family's Beanie Baby Obsession

Posted on August 15, 2013

This short documentary film, Bankrupt by Beanies, tells the story of family's obsession with Beanie Babies. The obsession began at the peak of the Beanie Baby craze, which the family did not realize at the time. The documentary was made by Chris Robinson, the son of the Beanie Baby obsessed family. He made the film for his Documentary Production class at The University of Arizona.

Robinson was interviewed by Dazed Digital about his family's Beanie Baby craze. He says they never actually tried selling them. Robinson says, "We just collected them for a few years, finally saw the error in our ways, and then packed them away in hopes that maybe someday they'd rebound and we could get some money back. The plan going in was for them to pay for our college tuition, but it became pretty clear that wasn't going to happen for us. Maybe by the time our kids graduate high school they'll have made a comeback. Or we can just burn them for warmth in the event of the Apocalypse."

In addition to the huge expense, the obsession also took up a great amount of time. The family has 15,000 to 20,000 beanie babies. The family is hanging on to them for now in the hopes that their value returns. Take a look: