Sony and Panasonic Have 3D TVs Coming in 2010

Posted on September 18, 2009

Sony 3D TVCNN reports that 3D television sets will hit the market in 2010. Sony and Panasonic have sets coming out next year. CNN says Mitsubishi and JVC are working on 3D television systems.
"TV finally becomes real" in three dimensions, said Robert Perry, an executive vice president at Panasonic. "You're in it. It's the next frontier."

Perry compared the 3-D transition to the switch from black-and-white to color television and the shift from standard- to high-definition images.
The TVs may be available but the content is lagging. The article does say ESPN is working on recording some of its sports footage in 3-D.
ESPN is test-recording some sporting events in 3D, using cameras with two sets of lenses, which would make football players appear to jump out of home television screens during live 3-D broadcasts.
Consumers probably are going to wait until there is lots of interesting content available for the 3D tvs before they spend the money. You do have to wear special glasses when you watch the tvs for the 3D effect to work. Here is a video from CES about Sony's plans for 3D tvs. Take a look:

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