Spa Dentistry is a Growing Trend

Posted on September 15, 2004

While trips to the dentists are not fun and even feared by many people a new trend could change all that. The trend, called spa dentistry, involves adding spa treatments during your regular dentist visit. For example, you could have aromotherapy, a paraffin wax treatment and a neck massage all while getting your teeth cleaned. This sounds like a relaxing and time-saving idea that could really catch on. Having relaxed patients should also make it easier for the dentists to do their work.

NBC News reports that other spa dentistry features include heated pillows and massaging tours. Just down crank that massaging chair up too high if you are getting a cavity filled.

The article says some dentists are also offering herbal tea and coffee after the dental treatment or procedure is completed. We agree with dentists offering services to make the trip to the dentist a calmer and more pleasant trip.
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