Spa Trend: 24K Gold Facials

Posted on October 24, 2011

One beauty trend that keeps resurfacing is the use of gold in specialty skin treatments. Gold facials are a popular addition in some California spas, where beauticians make some pretty wild claims about what they can do. Rebeccau Anderson of Equinox Spa, West Hollywood, claims the mask can firm the skin, and reduce sun spots and hyperpigmentation by reducing melanin. The cost is $165 per visit. Dermatologist Gene Rubenstein says there are no peer-reviewed studies whatsover showing the gold is beneficial for the skin. He says it's possible the maker of the mask has some studies, but they haven't been shared with dermatologists.

Let's translate that: there are no reputable studies showing that gold has any beneficial effect on your skin. It will, however, have less than beneficial effect on your wallet. Take a look: