Spamalanche Warning Issued: Prepare to be Inundated

Posted on November 1, 2005

Get ready for your email inbox to be stuffed with unsolicited messages. An article from USA Today warns that a spamalanche is about to dump on consumers just in time for the holidays. Dear God? A spamalanche?

Apparently we have computer viruses to thank for the mass spamming. USA Today says, "More viruses are spread via popular - and vulnerable - instant-messaging services to infect PCs and turn them into spam-spewing machines."

Spams are send a lot more email in short bursts in an attempt to overwhelm the spam defenses of your email provider. Spammers also creates splogs to spam search engines so that you might get a search result that is just a spam message.

Splogs are a new kind of spam that are cluttering the blogosphere. Instant messenger spam is also on the rise according to the news story. It is an all-out holiday assault for your attention. Hopefully consumers will not be so distracted by the spamalanche that they can't do their online holiday shopping.
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