Stamp Collectors Group Helps Fight Stamp Fraud

Posted on March 8, 2007

SCADS is reporting on a nine year stamp forgery ring that has been active on eBay and has burned a lot of stamp collectors. The article says the man thought to be behind the ring is a longtime stamp dealer living in New York.

NBC says a retired FBI agent calls it "the most prolific and most notorious" scam ever perpetrated in eBay's stamp category. The scam final came to end on January 29 when eBay suspended two accounts. Unfortunately, there is concern the fraudsters could simply create new accounts in a few months.'s article points to a group called SCADS for bringing the scam to the attention of journalists and authories. SCADS also built a helpful database of altered stamp images. SCADS also has a hall of shame. SCADS stands for Stamp Collectors Against Dodgy Sellers. The website says it was formed in response to an "alarming increase in the number of altered, forged, and misidentified stamps advertised by Internet stamp dealers, primarily in online auctions such as eBay."

The article says one SCADS member, George Kopecky of Atlanta, has spent over 5,000 hours collecting details about stamp forgeries and turning them over to authorities. Kudos to George Kopechy and SCADS for their hard work in battling auction fruad.
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