Starbucks to Offer Bagel Balls in Over 7,000 Stores

Posted on September 26, 2016

Bantam Bagels bagel balls

Starbucks is expanding its deal with Bantam Bagels is a big way. They will now carry bagel balls from Bantam Bagels in over 7,000 Starbucks locations. Bantam Bagels is a bakery located in New York City.

CNBC reports that Starbucks recently expanded its bagel balls offering from a few dozen New York city stores in 2015 to about 500 stores. Now they will be sold nationwide in many locations.

Elyse Oleksak, co-founder of Bantam Bagels, told CNBC, "We always said, 'Wouldn't these be a perfect fit for Starbucks?' The Starbucks customer looks for elevated versions of iconic food and they're always on the go."

The photograph above shows a single flavor pack sold on Bantam Bagels.

Phtoo: Bantam Bagels