Steinmetz Unveils Yin Yang Diamonds Unveiled at Guggenheim Museum

Posted on December 6, 2010


Steinmetz unveiled Yin Yang, the world's largest pair of round brilliant cut D colour, Flawless diamonds at Bloomberg Link's Hedge Funds 2010 event. The event was held Friday afternoon at the Guggenheim Museum.

The Steinmetz Yin Yang diamonds weigh 35.61 and 35.77 carats respectively. The diamonds were cut from two individual rough diamonds, each initially weighing over 100 carats, which were discovered in Southern Africa, and cut by Steinmetz.

Nir Livnat, Chairman of Steinmetz Diamonds, said in a statement, "More than a year was spent by a team of Steinmetz craftsmen to finish the perfectly matched pair of Round Brilliant cut stones."

Photo: Steinmetz