Sting Sings Roxanne With Jimmy Fallon and the Ragtime Gals

Posted on May 23, 2015

Sting sings with The Ragtime Galls on The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon's a capella group The Ragtime Gals always nails their performances and this latest one is no exception. The barbershop quartet busted out their own version of The Police's classic hit "Roxanne" and Sting joined them for the performance.

Sting was sporting a huge beard, but still looked quite dapper in his white pants, boater hat and striped jacket. Jimmy asked him later in the show if it was difficult to sing the song is such a different style. Sting said it threw him for a loop at first saying, "It was pretty psychedelic I have to tell you. I've sang that song my whole life and having to alter the way I sing it really messed with my mind." He said if the Ragtime Gals do another one of his songs it should be "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" as it would be great for harmonizing.

Sting produces a line of Italian wines from his Italian estate Il Palagio, one of which is called Casino delle vie. The name of the wine means "little house by the roads." It also means "the muddling of the ways" and is a reference to the different paths in life we all take over time. Jimmy pulled out a bottle and they drank some during the interview.

Sting said he and his wife Trudie have owned a vineyard in Tuscany for twenty years. He says the wine they were drinking is a Super Tuscan. He also has a wine called "Message in a Bottle" and a "posh" wine coming out called Sister Moon. The estate also produces olive oil and honey. Il Palagio, which is absolutely stunning, is available for rentals for events and parties, large or small.

Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC