Study: Average College Student Has Over 400 Social Networking Friends

Posted on February 24, 2010

The Media Post reports that a new study has found that the average college student has 87 email contacts, 146 cell phone contacts and 438 friends on social networks. The study found that the average college student friends both people and brands.
"College women tend to be more sociable than the guys," said Debbie Solomon, managing director of Business Planning at Mindshare. "They have more friends and connect with them more frequently and in greater depth ... And when you think about all the contacts they have, it's easy to see how news and ideas can spread rapidly among this group."

Of particular note, students aren't only "friending" people. On the contrary, four out of every 10 college students report having "friended" a brand on a social network -- compared to 19% of adults
The study also found that the average college student uses 14.3 screens, which is a lot more than the adult average of 5.3 screens. These screens include computer monitors, laptop screens, cell phone screens and tvs. The 14.3 figure sounds a little high to us.
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