Summer Movies Bring Must-Have Toys

Posted on June 22, 2004

Harry Potter Championship Quidditch from Mattel

Parents may wish the toys were not coming, but sure enough this Summer crop of blockbuster movies will be followed by plenty of toys for kids. Some of the most popular toys are coming are for the blockbuster films Spider-Man 2, Harry Potter and Shrek 2.

A story on MSNBC reports that some of these toys include the Triple Action Web Blaster, which fires silly string like Spider-Man fires his web. Another Spider-Man toy is the 18-inch Spider-Man Action Figure from Toy Biz.

In Harry Potter toys, there is the Harry Potter Championship Quidditch (pictured above), a small plastic version of the popular game from the books and movies. Lego is also joining the Harry Potter crazy by launching a $89.99 version of the Hogwarts Castle, which sounds awesome.

For Shrek fans there is the Shrek Wise Crackin' Donkey, a stuffed toy that responds to verbal commands. The donkey toy looks a bit creepy in our opinion.

Shrek Wise Crackin Donkey plush toy from Hasbro

Photo: Mattel (top)/Hasbro (bottom)