Supersized Pool Floats: Flamingo, Duck and Pizza

Posted on June 3, 2016

Gigantic Inflatable Pink Flamingo

Enormous pool inflatables appear to be a growing trend. It is not enough to have a pool float big enough for one person. Now they have to be over ten feet tall or ten feet long. We found three of these super huge inflatables. They include a flamingo, duck and a pizza.

The Gigantic Inflatable Pink Flamingo stands nearly 11 feet tall and is 12 feet long. It is much larger than the girl in the photograph. The flamingo has a base that can be filled up with water for extra stability. It is sold for $349.99 at Perpetual Kid who says, "We dare you to find a bigger, bolder, more insanely fun inflatable for pool parties, beach vacations, backyards and more."

Perpetual Kid also carries an enormous inflatable version of the bathtub rubber duckie. The yellow duck is 7 feet tall. It will dwarf all the humans in your pool. The inflatable duckie costs $299.99. The product listing can be found here.

Giant Yellow Duckie Pool Float

If your pool is big enough you might have room for the Swimline Pool Pizza Slice Pool Float. This is actually eight pizza slice floats put together. Each slice has room for one human. Swimline says, "This pizza-shaped inflatable pool float is made of colorful heavy-duty vinyl and accommodates one adult rider. Collect a whole pie and create the ultimate lounging pizza pool party!" Lounging on a giant pizza all day will probably make you hungry. The big pizza float can can be found on

Swimline Pool Pizza Slice Pool Float

Photos: Perpetual Kid/Swimline

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