Swarovski Midnight Celebration Debuts at Grand Bazaar Shops Las Vegas

Posted on March 1, 2015

Swarovski Starburst at the Grand Bazaar Shops in Las Vegas

The Swarovski Midnight Celebration has launched at the Grand Bazaar Shops Las Vegas. The three-minute long light and sound show marks the start of a new day.

The spectacle is centered around the Swarovski Starburst. This is a 14-foot-diameter structure that is made from 911 Swarovski crystal spheres. It also involves a large video screen and 1,800 points of LED light.

Grand Bazaar Shops also includes a 400-square-foot Swarovski boutique with the company's first bartering window. The Starburst can be seen in the top right of the photograph above. Take a look:

Photo: Isaac Brekken/Swarovski