Tablet Rumor: Dell to Launch Two Streak Tablets

Posted on April 16, 2010

Dell Streak Tablets

Engadget is reporting that Dell is going to launch two tablets. The tablets, named Streak tablets, will come in 7-inch and 10-inch models. Engadget says the 7-inch model with launch later this year and the 10-inch Streak will be available in 2011.

Dell would not confirm the Engadget story. Dell said, "Dell continually develops and tests new products that extend the mobile experience. We have not made any product announcements and do not comment on speculation, rumor or unannounced products."

PC World says the rumored Dell tablets are expected to run on a future version of Google's Android operating system.

It appears that every major computer manufacturer is going to enter the tablet market. Most of the iPad competitors should be in stores this fall or early 2011.

Photo: Engadget