Gas Prices

When gas prices rise quickly it can have a big negative impact on the economy. The highest gas prices tend to be in the summer months when people are traveling on holidays. Gas prices can spike due to shortages, war, refinery accidents, hurricanes and other factors. Here are the latest posts about gas prices from Shoppers Shop:

Gas Prices Falling Thanks to Sluggish Economy and No Hurricanes
The weak economy and a lack of hurricanes has helped push gas prices lower. They could fall even more before the holidays. (2013-10-22)

Gas Prices Spike Over 15 Cents in One Week
Gas prices have spiked over 15 cents in the past week. The AAA says $3 gas is probably a thing of the past. (2013-07-17)

Gas Prices Climb as Memorial Day Weekend Approaches
Gas prices are climbing as we head into the Memorial Day weekend. Prices are highest in the midwest due to refinery work. (2013-05-22)