Here are the latest posts about Unicorns on Shoppers Shop:

  • Lucky Charms Adds Magical Unicorn Marshmallows
    Lucky Charms has added magical unicorn marshmallows. They replace the hourglass in the cereal. (2018-02-22)

  • New Tweezers From Tweezerman Feature Unicorns
    There are little unicorns all over these new tweezers from Tweezerman (2017-10-26)

  • Snowy Starlight Unicorn Heels Have a Gold Horn
    These wild heels from Irregular Choice feature a unicorn with a gold horn. (2017-10-25)

  • Unicorn Named Gigi is Hardest Fingerling to Find
    There is a female unicorn Fingerling named Gigi and it is even harder to find than the initial Fingerlings from WowWee. (2017-09-23)

  • 2017 Solar Eclipse Shirts Featuring Cats and Unicorns
    These 2017 Solar Eclipse shirts feature cats and unicorns to celebrate today's unique total eclipse. (2017-08-21)

  • Nike Launches Sequined Unicorn Themed Air Force 1 Sneakers
    Nike has launched a pair of sequined Air Force 1 high-top sneakers. (2017-07-06)

  • Agnes Gru's Unicorn Fluffy Arrives at Build-a-Bear
    Agnes Gru's unicorn, Fluffy, arrives at Build-A-Bear. It has pink feet, pink ears, a pink mane and an orangish horn. (2017-06-16)

  • Cute Unicorn Slippers from Forever 21
    Forever 21 has launched a pair of cute plush Unicorn Slippers. (2017-05-30)

  • Starbucks to Launch Magical Unicorn Frappuccino
    Starbucks to launch Magical Unicorn Frappuccino in its stores from April 19 to April 23. A very short run for a Starbucks beverage. (2017-04-18)

    Unicorn Poop is Marshmallow Candy
    Smoko has launched a Unicorn Poop product that is marshmallow candy. It has rainbow pastel colors. (2017-04-03)

    A String of Cute Unicorn Lights
    You can now get unicorn lights connected on a string from Smoko. The string contains 8 lights. (2016-08-08)

    Rainbow Unicorn Tape Dispenser for Unicorn Fans
    This Rainbow Unicorn Tape Dispenser comes with two rolls of unicorn tape. It has a colorful mane. (2016-07-09)

    Eat Your Cereal from a Unicorn Cereal Bowl
    Elwood the Unicorn Cereal Bowl has a horn, tail and feet. (2016-06-22)

    Pusheenicorn: Gund Turns Pusheen Into an Adorable Unicorn
    Gund has a Pusheen unicorn plush toy called a Pusheenicorn. It has a rainbow mane and tail. (2016-06-21)

    Zoonicorns are a Cross Between Zebras and Unicorns
    Zoonicorns are a cross between zebras and unicorns. They toys include plush toys, mobile apps and books. (2016-06-11)

    Taylor Swift is a Pegacorn for Halloween
    Taylor Swift dressed up as a pegacorn for Halloween. She looked cute in the white outfit. (2014-10-31)

    LeAnn Rimes is a Unicorn and Dolly Parton for Halloween
    LeAnn Rimes wore two different costumes this year. They included a unicorn and a Dolly Parotn costume. (2013-11-02)