Taylor Swift Explains Why She Looks Stylish When She Leaves the Gym

Posted on August 16, 2014

Taylor Swift on Late Night with Seth Meyers in a black and white Jonathan Simkhai dress

Taylor Swift was a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers to talk about her role in The Giver and about her live stream event on Yahoo on Monday, August 18th. Taylor wore a black and white Jonathan Simkhai dress for her Late Night visit.

Taylor clearly really likes Seth. She told him that she has a log in her head of all the people who were really nice to her back when she was just starting out and Seth was really cool to her. She was only 18 when she hosted Saturday Night Live and Seth was the head writer for the show. Seth said that you never get this with hosts, but Taylor actually wrote her own monologue and pitched it to Seth and Loren Michaels. Seth says his nightmare is to have someone want to sit in an enclosed space and ask to play the guitar, but this was the one time it worked out great. The song she wrote for the monologue was great and they approved it on the spot. Seth said he was so relieved he didn't have to write a monologue that week. If you missed her hilarious monologue performance, in which she sings about all the things she will not put in her monologue, you can see a clip of the performance here.

Seth then brought up the fact that the paparrazi always photograph her coming out of the gym and she's always dressed perfectly. It's true. There are a lot of conspiracy theories now that say Taylor doesn't work out at all, she just hangs out in the locker room for an hour or so, changes clothes and comes back out, which is ridiculous.

Taylor set the record straight. She says she likes to bring a change of clothes to the gym and she also brings a hairbrush. Seth wondered how long it takes her to look perfect after working out and she says it doesn't take long now that she has shorter hair. She just brushes it, changes clothes and goes. Seth joked that he imagined her spreading out all her stuff all over the locker room, which got Taylor flustered. She says she really doesn't do that. She just thinks that New York is one of the cities that is worth dressing up for. Hey, if the paparazzi was lying in wait for us outside the gym every day, we'd do the same thing. You know they're dying to get a shot of her looking less than perfect. So, we say, leave Taylor and her post-gym Prada shoes alone. Take a look:

Photo: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

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