Taylor Swift is the Venus Embrace Goddess of Summer

Posted on July 30, 2008

Rising young country star Taylor Swift has nabbed a new endorsement contract with Venus Embrace, the disposable razor. The company has declared that she's the Venus Embrace Goddess of Summer because of her great, smooth legs which are courtesy of the Venus Embrace razor, of course.

During her reign as the Venus Embrace "Goddess of Summer," Taylor will be sharing her summer beauty advice. She has already shared several tips.

Taylor says, "This has been an amazing year for me -- and my new 'Goddess of Summer' role is a fun way for me to connect with my fans. I'm excited to share my summer must-haves with everyone -- including my newest favorite beauty item, Venus Embrace. Venus sent me the new Embrace razors after the CMT Awards, and my legs are smoother than ever. Now I can go barefoot all summer long!"

Here are Taylor's top summer beauty advice for the young and the young at heart:

1. Have Fun with Color -- A variety of eyeliners are a must if you have light eyes. Using a simple liner pencil is a quick and easy way to highlight your eyes, and to play around with crazy colors for a fun look.

2. Embrace Smooth Legs -- A good razor is a definite must, especially during the summertime. Try the new 5-blade Venus Embrace, which hugs your curves and keeps your legs feeling super smooth.

3. Ride the Waves and Go Crazy with Curls! -- Summer is the time for shape and body! Whether going out dancing or dressing up for a nice dinner, a spiral curling iron can give your hair some extra bounce. Also, always take a defining spray or gel with you to the beach and apply it to your hair after swimming for a quick way to get awesome "beachy" waves.

4. Sundress to Impress -- Sundresses are the perfect summer outfits and can make a smooth transition from the beach to a night on the town. Pair a white sundress with flip-flops and a cute tan, and embrace the fun, laid-back side of summer.

5. Go Bohemian -- This look calls for a massive amount of accessories! Tie a silk scarf around your neck or head, bust out your huge cloth bag, and adorn yourself with leather bracelets, beads, big sunglasses and hoop earrings.

6. End the Day like a Goddess -- Nothing is more relaxing than a long bath while listening to your favorite music. Add some candles and you'll have a relaxing experience that will leave you feeling like the princess you are!

We love Taylor's curly hair: she looks adorable. And her tips are generally good. Although, generally speaking, the Bohemian look is just not our thing.