Teaser Trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana

Posted on December 6, 2012

Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

The first teaser trailer for the Star Trek sequel Into Darkness has been released. Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch does the voice over; he is the film's villain, although it has not been revealed who he is. Is he Gary Mitchell? Is he Khan? In the Japanese version of the trailer there is an extra scene at the end with two officers putting their hands on the glass of the engine room -- that's straight out of Wrath of Khan when Spock sacrificed himself to save the ship. But this is an alternate timeline J.J. Abrams is using, so it very well may not be Khan as the villain. Still, the "I have been and will always be your friend" scene doesn't really need a re-do, in our opinion. Still, we like what Abrams did with the first movie, other than making Kirk such as hothead without all those years of experience he had in the original timeline where he was Star Fleet's youngest captain.

The always entertaining Cumberbatch intones in his most menacing voice, "You think your world is safe. It is an illusion. A comforting lie told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace. For I have returned to have my vengeance." Chris Pine stars as Captain Kirk, Zoe Saldana is Uhura and Zachary Quinto is Mr. Spock. Take a look:

Photo: Paramount Pictures

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