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Here you will find a collection of USB accessories for your laptops, tablets and other USB-enabled devices. You can also be interested in the closely related charging devices and Flash Drives sections.

  • Functional USB Enter Key Throw Pillow
    This plush throw pillow resembles the Enter Key. It also functions as the Enter key when connection with USB. (2017-09-11)

  • Cute Little Mini Fan is USB Powered
    This little fan connects to a USB or microUSB to cool you off on hot days. (2017-06-01)

  • Tengu USB Toy Has a Red LED Face
    The Tengu USB Toy talks and sings along with voice audio and music. (2016-06-12)

    D-Link Launches Sphere-Shaped Wi-Fi USB Adapter
    D-Link is now selling a sphere-shaped Wi-Fi USB adapter, the AC1900. (2015-08-01)

    AudioQuest Launches USB Digital Interconnects for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
    AudioQuest has announce the launch of 5 low-distortion USB digital interconnects specifically made for all of Apple's iOS devices, including the iPod, iPhone and iPad. (2012-05-23)

    Sanrio Launches Hello Kitty Bluetooth and USB Mini Speakers
    Hello Kitty has launched these cute little speakers. (2012-02-25)

    Belkin Launches Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock at CES
    Belkin launched the Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock. (2012-01-19)

    Toshiba Launches 14-inch USB Powered LCD Monitor
    Toshiba has launched its 14-inch USB-powered Mobile LCD Monitor. (2011-03-22)

    Asus Lamborghini USB Hard Drives
    Asus is manufacturing Lamborghini brand external USB hard drives. (2011-02-09)

    USB Mailbox Lights Up to Alert You When You Have Email or Status Updates
    This tiny USB mailbox lights up when you have mail or updates. (2010-07-10)

    Octopus USB Hub Has Wires for Tentacles
    This USB Hub is in the shape of an Octopus. (2009-07-25)

    MagicJack's USB Internet Phone Device is a Hot Item
    Silicon Alley Insider reports that MagicJack - a device that gives you unlimited phone calls for $20 a year - is selling like hot cakes. (2009-06-27)

    Stackable Lego USB Hubs
    Those into Legos will love these USB Hubs resembling Lego bricks. (2009-05-16)

    Hubcat and Lucky Cat: Cat-Shaped USB Hubs
    There are a number of cat-themed USB hubs on the market. (2009-04-16)

    Asterisk Shaped USB Hub
    Above is a Asterisk shaped USB hub concept design by Joel Escalona. (2009-04-05)

    USB Hub Also Keeps Your Coffee Warm
    This USB hub is special because it is also a drink warmer and a digital clock. (2009-03-27)

    Electrostatic Love: USB Plasma Heart
    Here's a heart-shaped version of those Plasma balls released in time for Valentine's Day. (2009-02-07)

    Mimo Makes Useful Little USB Monitors
    A company named Mimo has a line of tiny monitors out that can can be easily connected via USB. (2009-02-02)