Tetris Leggings and Dresses From Poprageous

Posted on May 24, 2015

Tetris leggings from Poprageous

Poprageous is an American printed apparel brand. They currently have a cute line of Tetris-themed apparel and leggings. The line includes dresses, crop tops, shorts and swimwear. The clothes and leggings show falling Tetris blocks that accumulate at the bottom.

Prices for the products range from $39 to $109. You can find the Tetris items here on the Poprageous site. You can wear them to the rumored Tetris movies.

Tetris dress from Poprageous

Poprageous also have a line of Pac-Man themed clothes and leggings. Just search Pac-Man on poprageous.com to bring it up.

Update 5-26-16

Photos: Poprageous