The Darth Vader ToothSaber Dispenses Toothpicks

Posted on August 18, 2016

Darth Vader Toothsaber

Darth Vader can now hold your toothpicks for you. The Darth Vader ToothSaber is an elaborate Star Wars themed toothpick dispenser from Bandai. Vader holds the toothpick in his hand like a lightsaber.

The cool looking toothpick holder can be found in stores in Japan for $2,980 yen (about $29 U.S.) according to The Verge. It is not sold in U.S. stores. You can find it on Amazon but it is being sold for more than $29.

Amazon reviewers say it holds 12 toothpicks. Here is a video of the toothpick wielding Darth Vader in action.

Photo: Bandai