The Duchess of Cambridge Chooses Her First Four Charitable Patronages

Posted on January 4, 2012

The Duchess of Cambridge has announced her first four charitable patronages. Hundreds of charities applied to have her as patron, and she has spent months researching before she made her choice. The former Kate Middleton has accepted honorary positions with the Art Room, the National Portrait Gallery, Action on Addiction and the East Anglia Children's Hospices. She will also volunteer with the Scout Association: she was a Brownie as a child. St James's Palace said the Duchess' choices reflect her interests in the arts, promotion of outdoor activity and supporting people in need.

Her choice of the addiction center is an interesting one. Reports say that when she and Prince William made many of their visits to homeless shelters the issue that always came up was addiction. Her choice of the children's hospices is another interesting choice -- the children there are facing life threatening illnesses. It is not an easy place to visit -- the children are gravely ill and the parents are grieving. The Duchess is said to have visited the children's hospice several times already.

Her interest in the arts is well-known and those charities round out her first choices. As for the Scouts, apparently she will be expected to go on weekend camping trips, just like all the other counselors. She also had to pass a criminal background check, which is a requirement for all Scout leaders working with children. CNN reports: