The First Official Day of Flip Flops

Posted on April 1, 2005

Pink Havaianas Perhaps in a bid to help deaden the horror of having to get up an hour earlier this Sunday because of Daylight Savings Time, Old Navy has dubbed Sunday, April 3rd "The First Official Day of Flip Flops." Old Navy will be launching a nationwide search for a "Top Flip Flop Model." Now, we're not sure who appointed retailer Old Navy as the arbitor of all things flip flop-related, but hey we love flip flops, so what the heck.

And now for some fun facts. A national survey conducted for Old Navy by Harris Interactive showed 58% of Americans love flip flops, 60% own multiple pairs and the majority (51%) of Americans feel "carefree" when they wear flip flops. 63% of adults associate the distinct sound of walking in flip flops with the beach, followed by barbecues. And--perhaps boding well for the upcoming film Mr. and Mrs. Smith--when asked which celebrity's feet people would like to see in flip flops, Angelina Jolie's and Brad Pitt's toes took top honors.

For basic, everyday flip flops, we love Havaianas because they are soft and comfortable (unlike some flip flops), they come in lots of colors and they cost around $12.
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