The Future According to Packages Will Be Sent Before Customers Place Their Orders

Posted on January 22, 2014

The inventive mind of Jeff Bezos never ceases to amaze and entertain us. We've now accepted the fact that soon drones will deliver our packages to our front yard, terrifying the cats and small children. Actually, we're quite looking forward to it. Now it appears that is going a step further in its goals of anticipating its customers' every needs: it's now going to ship you packages before you order them.

The Wall Street Journal was reading through the recently filed patent applications and came across a patent application from The application describes how ship packages to customers before they order them to save time. The theory is that customers will be so happy that their order of the new bestseller arrived within an hour or so of ordering it that they will never want to shop anywhere else. will scrutinize its customers' buying patterns, wish lists, shopping cart contents, returns and how long the customer's mouse hovers over an item. The information is used to predict what they will buy and when. It will then have those items available, packed and ready to go at a distribution center. Sometimes they will actually be in the air or in the truck before the order is placed. If they make a mistake and send a customer something she doesn't want, she can return it or keep it as a gift. isn't talking about the concept yet. It's just a patent application it filed. We're sure that the rumors that they are using rooms full of Precogs to predict what customers want to order -- like the psychics who predicted future crimes in the Spielberg film Minority Report -- are completely untrue.

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