The Horror of the Porsche SUV

Posted on April 29, 2005

It has finally come to our attention that Porsche has succeeded in its misguided quest to get into the luxury SUV business which Lexus, Range Rover, Cadillac and BMW are cleaning up on. But when we finally saw the Porsche SUV, we were horrified. Simply horrified. When someone says to you, "Hey, I got a new Porsche. Want to go for a ride?" you gleefully reply, "love to!", expecting to see a 2006 Porsche 911 GT3 2 door coupe perhaps. Instead you are led to a horrifying lump of a car, which looks like a Saab after a bad case of indigestion. Out tumble soccer balls, a dog in need of a trip to the groomers and some old lunches. No, no, no, a thousand times no! Porsches represent the pinnacle of coolness on the road. Porsches are for a night on the town, for zipping down California's PCH, the wind in your hair, an adventure in the making. Not taking the dog to the vet and running carpool. Is nothing sacred? Get a Lexus if you need an SUV.
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