The I Love Dot Kitty

Posted on April 4, 2008

A cute kitten was born with the markings "I Love Dot." The cat's fur has the letter "I" followed by a heart symbol and a dot on its fur. This will instantly get you hordes of appreciative people thanks to the Internet and people's natural affinity for kittens and cuteness. The fact that the kitten's mother is named "Dottie" makes the story that much better.

The story has been making its way around the Internet as these types of stories tend to do. Boing Boing has an entry on the cute kitten here.

News10/KXTV has provided an update on the adorable story. The kitten was part of a litter of six kittens. The name of the mother cat is Dottie. News 10 says the Ramirez family is glad the kitten's heart symbol has spread around the Internet. The kitten has also been given the name Dottie, just like its mother. The kitten was named by 4-year-old Michael Ramirez.

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