The Peeps are Ready for Halloween

Posted on October 14, 2006

Orange Halloween Peeps

Just Born is making its popular Peeps candies for Halloween. The company says this is its second most popular holiday. Just Born's yellow Peeps are best known for their annual Easter appearance. The photograph on the right shows Just Born's pumpkin Peeps being made at the factory. Just Born also has a few recipes on its website for Halloween. They are also selling a Halloween decorating kit for Peeps.

Peeps are not the only sweets being prepared for Halloween. Susan Fussell, director of communications with the National Confectioners Association, told John D. Homan at the Southern Illinosian that 9 billion pieces of candy corn are made each Halloween.

Fussell says, "The Halloween season has been No. 1 in candy sales for a number of years now. It's pretty safe to say that sales have increased between 1 and 3 percent each year. Themed candies are a large part of the sales. Would you believe that more than nine billion pieces of candy corn are made each year. And the candies that are most popular at Halloween are usually popular year 'round with candy bars, gum and licorice.

She also says novelty candies are popular like Baby Bottle Pops which can dye your tongue black. No wonder kids like them. For the more elaborate Halloween treat there is also Godiva's Lucky the cat. Hopefully, there will be lots of toothbrushing to go along with all this candy consumption. An article from Healthy Wealthy nWise lists some non-candy alternatives like bags of pretzels, rubber spiders and helium balloons.

Photo: Just Born