The Royal Mint Unveils Secure New Coin to Battle Counterfeiting

Posted on March 19, 2014

The Royal Mint new 1 Pound Coin

The Royal Mint has unveiled a new 1 pound coin that will make its debut in 2017. It is modeled on the old threepenny bit coin, which has a 12-sided shape. BBC News reports that the coin is dubbed the "most secure coin in the world." The new coin is an effort to battle counterfeiting. The Royal Mint believes as many as 3% of current 1 pound coins are fakes. The current coin was first introduced in 1983.

Side view of The Royal Mint new 1 Pound Coin

The Queen is pictured on the "heads" side of the of the coin. There will be a competition to determine what will appear on the tails side of the coin. The coin will be constructed from two different coloured metals and contain an iSIS security feature. ISIS is a new high security coinage currency system developed by The Royal Mint.

Take a look:

Photo: The Royal Mint