Tiffany Accuses Costco of Selling Knock Off Engagement Rings

Posted on February 16, 2013

Tiffany is accusing Costco of selling knock off rings. The rings were also falsely advertised as being Tiffany rings. The New York Times reports that Tiffany filed a lawsuit against Costco that said, "Tiffany has never sold nor would it ever sell its fine jewelry through an off-price warehouse retailer like Costco." Tiffany also says hundreds to thousands of people may bought a ring from Costco thinking it was a real Tiffany engagement ring.

ABC News reports that Costco has removed all the Tiffany labeling from its stores. Costco could also face lawsuits from people who bought rings thinking they were Tiffany rings. It certainly seems like people would be quite upset if they thought they purchased a ring they thought was a Tiffany ring and it turned out it was a fake. Take a look: