Tim Gunn and Zac Posen Talk Project Runway Season 11

Posted on January 23, 2013

Project Runway Season 11 Poster

Amy Robach interviewed Tim Gunn and Zac Posen about season 11 of Project Runway. Posen replaces longtime judge Michael Kors on the new season. He was asked what kind of judge he is. Amy asked, "Are you a Simon Cowell?"

Posen says, "No, absolutely not. I'm a softy and a sweetie pie in my heart. But I do expect a level of excellence and I wanted the designers to have their personal best in front of us, so I just tried to give guidance while being funny and keeping the show entertaining."

Tim Gunn talked about how this season is about teams and how that changes things. He says, "Well, in a manner of speaker, they have to play nicely with each other. They're responsible for each others work as well as their on. A lot of people are very upset about this. They think the designers are compromising their point of view. But they're not. They're still designing individual looks but they're presenting as a group."

Posen says the biggest surprise on the show was seeing fast creativity out of the young designers. He was also surprised at the united front they presented to the judges. He said, "We would have to decipher who did what out of every project."

However, he says the cracks in this united front eventually start to show. Take a look:

Photo: Lifetime