Tim Gunn Apparel Line Could Happen Says Liz Claiborne CEO

Posted on June 14, 2009

Tim GunnReuters reports that they asked Liz Claiborne CEO William McComb if a Tim Gunn apparel line could ever happen. McComb said there could be a Tim Gunn line someday, but did not give a time frame.
"Tim is not a designer. He does not design. What he would bring to the table is the common sense edit of how to build a wardrobe," said McComb.

"He could do the black dress, the white top, the work pants ... it would be not necessarily high faloutin' fashion, but really smart."
McComb also told Reuters that Tim Gunn and Isaac Mizrahi will never clash because the two are very good friends and knew each other from Parsons. They both seem too professional for that anyway. Although we would like to hear a conversation between the two of them about their competiting fashion reality tv shows.

Reuters has a longer piece and video from its interview with Liz Claiborne CEO William McComb here.
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