Tom Hanks Has a New Haircut for Angels and Demons

Posted on November 2, 2008

Screenshot from Angels and Demons

Some new stills from Angels and Demons are out and we were filled with joy to see that Tom Hanks has cut his hair. The long hair he wore in The Da Vinci Code was just ghastly. A shorter haircut will help his character symbologist Robert Langdon solve the mystery must faster. Well, at any rate he certainly looks a lot better.

Angels and Demons is based on the bestselling book by Dan Brown which was published before The Da Vinci Code. Much of the book is set in Rome at the Vatican. The Vatican is so grumpy about the film that it got director Ron Howards permits to film revoked at many locations in Rome.

Producer Brian Grazer swears that this film will be better than The Da Vinci Code and that Tom Hanks' hairstyle is far superior to the one he wore in the last film. Grazer tells USA Today, "It's totally different" from Hanks' slicked-back coif of the original. It's better. Everything is more contemporary."

We're looking forward to seeing the film. There's no official word when Dan Brown will publish the next book in the series, The Solomon Key, but rumors say it will coincide with the release date of the Angels and Demons film, May 15, 2009.

Photo: Sony Pictures