Top Chef: The Musical - It Could Happen

Posted on May 14, 2011

New York Magazine reports that Top Chef: The Musical could be happening. It all started when Bravo's Andy Cohen told Grubstreet: "Tom Colicchio has been pestering me to do Top Chef, The Musical!....He thinks he has a great idea about doing something like that ... I told him I'm not so sure, but he's trying to convince me!"

Being of a suspicious turn of mind (and knowing Cohen's sense of humor), the Grubstreet reporters called Colicchio to confirm the rumor, but didn't get a response. So they polled some Top Chef contestants to see if they'd be up for a musical. Naturally, Marcel was all for the project envisioning himself doing a musical number. So, Top Chef: the Musical. We'd say it's ridiculous, but hey -- they made Titanic into a musical which won five Tony Awards, so anything's possible.
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