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  • Mini Backpack by Current Mood Has Butterfly Wings
    The Mystical Monarch Mini Backpack by Current Mood features four butterfly wings. (2017-08-09)

  • Red Cherry Lashes Launches Valley of the Dolls Lashes
    Red Cherry Lashes has launched Valley of the Dolls lashes to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the bestselling novel. (2016-08-20)

    Fox Empire Cookie and Lucious Lyon Collector Dolls to Launch This Fall
    Dolls based on Cookie and Lucious Lyon from Empire will be launching this fall in time for the third season of the hit show. (2016-06-23)

    MGA's Bratz Dolls Return to Stores
    MGA Entertainment has announced that its Bratz doll line is returning to store with the original dolls and a new member, Raya. (2015-07-25)

    MGA Entertainment Launches Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Doll
    The Lalaloopsy Stretchy Hair Doll is a new doll that has hair that can stretch over 3 times its original size. (2015-02-14)

    Antique Doll Sells for $300,000 in Record Auction
    An antique French character doll sold for $300,000 and set an auction record. The doll was created in 1916 by Albert Marque. (2014-04-03)

  • Lady Gaga Meets Giant Replica Dolls in Tokyo
    Lady Gaga meets giant doll replicas of herself in Tokyo. She is in Japan to promote Artpop and raise money for her earthquake relief charity. (2013-12-02)

  • American Girl Expands Bitty Baby Line
    American Girl has expanded Bitty Baby, its line of 15-inch baby dolls, outfits and accessories. (2013-08-27)

    Madame Alexander Launches Washable Wizard of Oz Cloth Dolls
    Madame Alexander has launched a line of wahable Wizard of Oz cloth dolls. The Scarecrow is the cutest one. (2013-04-11)

    WowWee to Launch Zombie Princess Dolls This Fall
    WowWee has announced plans to zombify princesses from popular fairy tales. (2013-03-30)

    Disney Store Launches Limited Editon China Girl Doll
    China Girl is a fragile porcelain girl that Oscar Diggs befriends and takes on his journey in Oz the Great and Powerful, which opens in theaters on March 8. (2013-02-22)

    Disney Store Launches Cinderella Happily Ever After Carriage Set
    One of the new toys this year from the Disney Store is the Disney Princess Cinderella Doll and Carriage Set. (2012-12-01)

    American Girl Debuts Caroline Abbot Doll
    American Girl has launched a new historical doll, Caroline Abbott. (2012-09-06)

    University Barbie Collection Debuts at Barbie Collector
    Mattel has announced the launch of the University Barbie Collection. (2012-07-09)

    Disney Store Unveils Disney Villains Designer Doll Collection
    Disney Store has revealed its Disney Villains Designer Collection, which includes six limited edition dolls. (2012-06-27)

    MGA Entertainment Launches Bratzillaz Doll Line
    MGA Entertainment has introduced a new line of dolls called Bratzillaz. (2012-06-13)

    The Harry Styles One Direction Doll is Outselling the Others
    The popular One Direction band from England has marked the return of the boy band. (2012-04-22)

  • Mattel Cancels Kardashian Barbie Dolls
    Mattel was rumored to be working on a line of Kardashian Barbie dolls for the three Kardashian sisters. (2012-01-21)

  • Cody Simpson Launches His New Dolls at Toys R Us Times Square
    Cody Simpson teamed up with The Wish Factory to launch his new Cody Simpson dolls. (2011-12-10)