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Here you will find our coverage of fun and interesting fidget spinner toys, plus the latest fidget spinner news:

  • Donald Trump Fidget Spinners Feature Trump Imagery
    There are dozens of Donald Trump fidget spinners on the market. One says covfefe on it. (2017-07-23)

  • Venmous Vortex Spinner is a Cool Looking Black Fidget Spinner
    Venmous makes a cool looking black fidget spinner called a Vortex Spinner. (2017-07-15)

  • Trianium Fidget Spinner Pro Features a Hybrid Ceramic Ball Bearing
    Trianum has a Fidget Spinner Pro metal series spinner toy on the market. (2017-07-06)

  • Fortune Teller Fidget Spinner
    The Viral Goods Etsy Shops sells a Fortune Teller fidget spinner that gives a yes or no result. (2017-06-16)

  • Helium K Launches Firefly Fidget Spinner With LED Lights
    Helium K has released its Firefly fidget spinner toy with LED lights. (2017-06-14)

  • Metal Fidget Spinner With Dragons
    This gold colored fidget spinner features two dragons attempting to swallow each. (2017-06-10)

  • Basic Pink Fidget Spinner Toy
    This is a plain basic pink fidget spinner. It it is non-3D printed. (2017-06-09)

  • Golden Fidget Spinner With Swarovski Crystals
    MixMart makes a golden fidget spinner with encrused Swarovski crystals. (2017-06-04)

  • Skull and Bones Fidget Spinners
    There are many fidget spinners available. Some cool ones feature a skull and bones. (2017-06-04)

  • SNL Cartier Luxury Fidget Spinner Commercial
    SNL featured an ad for a Cartier Fidget Spinner on SNL last night. Fidget Spinners are a current toy fad. (2017-05-21)

  • Spinners Only Cuts Deal for Sports Team Fidget Spinners
    Spinners Only has cut licensing deals for fidget spinners with logos of sports teams. (2017-05-04)

  • Bat-Shaped Fidget Spinner Stress Relief Toy
    This bat-shaped spinner has joined the fidget spinner craze. It is a toy stress reducer.. (2017-04-28)