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Here you will find our latest coverage of cute and fun plush toys and stuffed animals!

  • Red Build-A-Bear Teddy Bear Features Textured Rose Fur
    Build-A-Bear has a cute red bear for Valentine's Day that is covered in red roses. (2020-01-27)

  • Qoobo is a Robot Pillow with a Tail
    Qoobo is a robot pillow with a tail. It was designed to comfort its owners. (2019-10-13)

  • Punxsutawney Plush Toy
    Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is known for its annual Groundhog Day event featuring Punxsutawney Phil. (2019-10-05)

  • Ty Beanie Boo Haunts the Ghost
    Ty has a new Halloween ghost Beanie Boo out for Halloween 2019. (2019-09-30)

  • Wing-Flapping Halloween Pumpkin Porg
    This Halloween Porg from Hallmark has wings that flap when you squeeze its tummy. (2019-09-18)

  • Reversible Ghost Mini from Teeturtle
    Here is a cute ghost plush toy for Halloween. (2019-09-14)

  • Patrick Star Plush Toy from Kidrobot
    This Patrick Star plush toy stands 8-inches tall. (2019-09-11)

  • Squeezamals Scented Angela Cat Plus Toy
    Anegla is a squishy foamed plush toy from Squeezamals. (2019-09-07)

  • Mr. Boo Doll for Halloween
    Mr. Boo is a cute skeleton doll with an orange bow tie. (2019-09-06)

  • Extra Adorable Baby Groot Plush Toy
    BoxLunch has a Groot plush toy that is super cute. It stands 22-inches tall. (2019-07-27)

    Disney Launches Big Feet Plush Collection
    This line of plush toys from Disney is known for its extra large feet and cuteness. (2018-10-15)

    Kittencorn Mini Plush Toy
    This is a plush toy of a kitencorn, which is a type of horned kitten. (2018-10-06)

    Baby Shark Singing Plush Toy
    There is now a line of plush toys based on the popular Baby Shark Dance from Pinkfong. The toys play the popular song. (2018-10-06)

    Pumpkin Glow Bear for Halloween
    Pumpkin Glow Bear is one of the new toys from Build-A-Bear for Halloween 2018. (2018-09-26)

  • Pomsies Interactive Plush Toys Wrap Around Your Wrist
    Pomsies cute interactive plush toys are now up for pre-order at online stores. (2018-06-20)

  • Build-A-Bear Launches Black Panther Bear
    Build-A-Bear has launched a Black Panther bear. It coincides with the recent blockbuster film release. (2018-02-20)

  • WowWee Plans Plush Fingerlings Hugs for Fall 2018
    WowWee will be unveiled its new plush Fingerlings Hugs at the 2018 Toy Fair in New York City. They will arrive in stores this fall. (2018-02-17)

  • Cute Toast Heated Pillow Keeps You Warm
    The Toast Heated Pillow from Firebox provides a cute way to stay warm. (2018-02-14)

  • ThinkGeek Offers Plush Bouquets for Valentine's Day
    ThinkGeek is carrying Plush Bouquets for Valentine's Day gifts. Three of them are Star Wars themed. (2018-01-18)

  • ThinkGeek Launches Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush
    ThinkGeek has launched its Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush toys. There is a Chewbacca, Porg and Yoda. (2017-12-04)