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Here are the latest posts about Puzzles on Shoppers Shop:

Waves Pattern Puzzle from Moda
Moda has an interesting new puzzle called the Waves Puzzle. (2018-10-06)

  • Cra-Z-Art and Kodak to Develop and Sell Puzzles With 50,000 Pieces
    Cra-Z-Art and Kodak have teamed up to develop the world's largest puzzle for sale. It will have 50,000 pieces. (2018-02-22)

  • Barnes & Noble Launches 2017 Holiday Gift Guide
    Barnes & Noble has launched its 2017 Holiday Gift Guide filled with books, toys and games for a variety of readers. (2017-11-07)

  • Animal Head-Shaped Puzzles from Madd Capp
    These Madd Capp animal puzzles are puzzles in the shape of animal heads. There is a lion, tiger, elephant, panda and horse. (2017-11-05)

  • Minions Impossible 1000 Piece Puzzle
    This complex puzzle called Minions Impossible has 1000 pieces. It is made by Clementoni (2017-07-01)

  • Harry Potter Staircase Puzzle has 550 Pieces
    The Harry Potter Staircase Puzzle provides a view of the fantastical shifting staircases from Hogwarts. (2017-04-28)

  • Cubebot Wooden Robot Puzzles from Areaware
    Areaware makes wooden robot puzzles called Cubebot. They are inspired by Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles. (2016-08-23)

    Ravensburger Reveals 2013 Christmas Puzzle
    Ravensburger has released its 2013 Christmas Puzzle. The Santa Express puzzle contains 1,000 pieces. (2013-11-10)

    BeginAgain Launches Animal Parade Puzzle
    One of the new toys out this year from BeginAgain, a Colorado-based eco-friendly toy manufacturer, is the Animal Parade A to Z Puzzle. (2013-04-04)

    Dovetail Elephant Wooden Puzzle Toy
    Anthropologie is selling this cute Dovetail wooden elephant puzzle toy. (2012-05-06)

    Puzzles and Quizzes May Burn 90 Calories an Hour
    The Telegraph reports that mental agility expert Tim Forrester believes the brain burns 90 calories an hour when it is doing something challenging like solving puzzles or working crosswords. (2009-11-25)

    Rubik's Touch Cube Arriving in Stores Soon
    The Rubik's Touch Cube - first introduced in February - will soon be hitting stores. (2009-10-10)

    The Giant 12-Surface IQ Pentagon and Petaminx Puzzles
    These puzzles made the classic Rubik's Cube look easy. They are the 12-surface Pentagon and the even more complicated Pentaminx. (2009-09-20)

    Rubik's 360 Arrives in Stores Next Week
    Even though it is only July it is almost time for some of the cool toys we heard about earlier this year to start going on sale. (2009-07-07)

    Leather and Chrome Rubik's Cube at Barney's New York
    Barney's New York is selling a leather and chrome version of the famous Rubik's Cube puzzle. (2009-05-27)

  • Barnes and Noble Sells Calendar Club Stake
    Barnes & Noble Inc has sold its majority interest in Calendar Club back to Calendar Club and its CEO Mark Winkelman for about $7 million ($1 million in cash and $6 million in notes). (2009-02-26)

  • Rubik's Cube Debuts Touch Cube at Toy Fair
    A new TouchCube - a touchable version of the Rubik's Cube has been unveiled at the annual Toy Fair. (2009-02-14)

    Latest Rubik's Toy is a Spherical Puzzle
    There's a new version of the Rubik's Cube on its way. (2009-02-06)