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Museum of Ice Cream Opens in New York City
The Museum of Ice Cream pop-up museum has opened in New York City (2016-07-28)

Hormel Foods Launches Spam Museum
Hormel Foods launched a new Spam museum in Austin, Minnesota. It will be open 7 days a week. (2016-05-14)

Bugaboo and Vang Gogh Museum Collaborate on Stroller Design
Bugaboo has collaborated on a stroller design with the Van Gogh Museum. The Bee3 stroller was used. (2015-03-24)

Families of 9/11 Victims Angry About 9/11 Museum Gift Shop
Famies of 9/11 Victims are angry about a 9/11 Museum Gift Shop. (2014-05-19)

  • Museum Authenticates New Vincent Van Gogh Painting, Sunset at Montmajour
    The Van Gogh museum announced that it has authenticated a new Van Gogh painting, Sunset at Montmajour. (2013-09-09)

  • Louvre Museum Closed Due to Gangs of Roving Pickpockets
    The Louvre museum in Paris has some of the greatest art treasures in the world. (2013-04-10)

  • Rubik's Cube Museum Exhibition to Launch in 2014
    Erno Rubik, the creator of the famous Rubik's Cube puzzle, is helping to put together a museum exhibit about the Rubik's Cube, that will tour the world. (2012-04-29)

  • Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Goes on Display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    It's the dress that revolted a thousand vegans, and thrilled thousands more. (2011-06-16)

  • Tutankhamun Exhibit Headed to Minnesota
    The amazing Tutankhamun exhibit is headed to Minnesota. (2011-02-10)

    26-Foot Statue of Egyptian God Anubis in Minnesota
    A 26-foot statue of the Egyptian god Anubis has found a home on downtown St. (2010-11-23)

    Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology Launches in 2011
    Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology is coming to a museum near you. (2010-11-02)

    New Mint Museum Opening in Charlotte
    The new Mint Museum in Charlotte, N. (2010-09-28)

    Kids Get to Play President and Make Decisions at Interactive Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
    Okay, this is just the coolest thing ever for kids. (2010-08-21)

    Porsche Museum Celebrating Its One Year Anniversary
    The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany is celebrating its first anniversary. (2010-01-27)

    Actor Matthew Lewis Celebrates Arrival of Harry Potter Exhibit in Boston
    The city of Boston celebrated the arrival of the Harry Potter: The Exhibition with a "Very Important Muggle" preview reception last night at the Museum of Science. (2009-10-23)

  • Anne Frank Film Footage Released on YouTube
    The Anne Frank House released this video footage of Anne Frank on YouTube. (2009-10-03)

  • Three Brachiosaurs Placed at Entrance to Children's Museum of Indianapolis
    The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is adding brachiosaurs to the entract of its new welcome center. (2009-06-04)

    Porsche Museum to Open January 31st
    Porsche is opening a museum in Stuttgart on January 31st, 2009. (2009-01-28)

    20 Museum Gifts Under $50
    Museums are great places to find gifts that aren't easy to find elsewhere. (2008-12-22)

  • Harry Potter Exhibit to Debut in Chicago in April, 2009
    Harry Potter fans can get a first-hand look inside the famous wizard's magical world through Harry Potter: The Exhibition, which will open at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on April 30, 2009. (2008-12-15)